Position Sizing

stop this with good money management

Please also see the discussion on Stops This is one of the areas that almost killed my trading account. In addition to trading without a stop loss, I was trading position sizes that were far too big for my account. This was great if a trade was moving in my direction but if you add in leverage, the losses were magnified as well and I could easily have been wiped out. No one ever told me how to determine how much I should buy – certainly I was never told anything other than this kind of consideration “make sure you

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Louise Bedford Books

trading results in great profits if you have a plan

To buy click on cover. Click link below for Trading Secrets at The Book Depository Book Depository Link     When I had been trading for around 6 months, I was starting to become frustrated because both companies I had purchased trading education from were throwing me fish rather than teaching me to fish for myself. I started my trading doing covered calls which work quite well for producing income every month but they really only work well in a market that is going up in value. I found myself holding shares that had reduced significantly in value that I

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Market Wizards – Jack Schwager

books and magazines help you trade

Click on cover to buy from Amazon Click below to buy from The Book Depository Book Depository Link   Click on cover to buy from Amazon Click below to buy from The Book Depository Book Depository Link     These books are highly regarded by any trader who has read them. Jack Schwager interviews a variety of different traders all with different approaches and all of thm very successful – although I believe a few of them may have gone bust after these books were released. It’s great getting insight from people who have waked the talk and made a

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Risk of Ruin

risk of ruin

Interesting! Just looking at some searches around trading and incredibly (to me at least) there does not seem to be much interest around the absolute most important issues in trading – Risk and the Risk-of-ruin. I’d like to feign surprise but there is a reason most people lose money trading. More on this at a later date. Originally posted 2017-06-28 18:36:59.

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