Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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Nassim Nicholas Taleb has written a series of books about risk, randomness, chance. I found it quite hard to start reading his books but then something would happen and it all just seemed to ‘click’. He is one of the most insightful authors I have read. Highly recommended. Click cover for the 4 book pack at Amazon Click below for The Book Depository Book Depository Link       The individual titles, Fooled by Randomness, The Black Swan, Antifragile and The Bed of Procrustes are also available. Note sometimes these books are unavailable or come in different editions etc.  

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Mark Tier

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  Click cover for Amazon Click link below for The Book Depository Book Depository Link                 Interesting book talking about the world’s most successful investors who both have different investment strategies. Their mindset is of interest to all of us. Originally posted 2017-05-04 15:17:50.

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Chris Tate Books

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Click Cover for Amazon Click link below for The Art of Trading at The Book Depository Book Depository Link     Chris Tate is Louise Bedford’s business partner at The Trading Game. I read this book when I enrolled in the Mentor Program in 2016. This book focuses on Money Management, Psychology of Trading, Risk, Technical Analysis, Preparing a trading plan. Chris has an almost daily blog on The Trading Game website. Chris is big on developing your own trading system that resonates with you and looking at the charts for yourself. Successful traders take the first signal their system

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babcock & brown chart atr

Let’s talk about stop losses and how to set them. In a previous article I said that the only thing we have any control over in trading is how much money we are prepared to lose. The way we manage this risk is by using a stop loss. The name says it all – its purpose is to stop your losses at a pre-determined point. You may have heard the expression ‘cut your losses short and let your profits run’. A stop loss is the way we cut our losses short. However it is one of the hardest things psychologically

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Louise Bedford Books

trading results in great profits if you have a plan

To buy click on cover. Click link below for Trading Secrets at The Book Depository Book Depository Link     When I had been trading for around 6 months, I was starting to become frustrated because both companies I had purchased trading education from were throwing me fish rather than teaching me to fish for myself. I started my trading doing covered calls which work quite well for producing income every month but they really only work well in a market that is going up in value. I found myself holding shares that had reduced significantly in value that I

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