I have found some really great free podcasts.

I have included the RSS feed links. You can copy the link into many media players and you will get a list of tracks and can play them. (Works well in the free VLC)

Free ones:

Michael Covel

Michael wrote the book ‘Trend Following’ as well as many others has a great free podcast Trend Following.

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Michael can be abrasive and blunt at times but I do enjoy his podcast which 50% of the time has nothing to do with trading but it will deal with your psychology or some other interesting issue that will make your life better.

The RSS feed for his podcast is at http://trendfollowingradio.com/rss

Chat with Traders

This Podcast is by Aaron Fifield from Brisbane Australia. Aaron is a young bloke who seems somehow to get some of the greatest traders to talk on his podcast every week. I think this podcast is by far the best podcast I have ever heard on trading.


The RSS feed for Aarons’ podcast is at http://chatwithtraders.libsyn.com/rss

Talking Trading

This Podcast is by Talking Trading – an offshoot of The Trading Game a trading mentoring and resources site I discuss here

The podcast is headed by Caroline Steven a Financial Journalist.

Talking Trading

You can also sign up there to get a notification by email whenever there is a new podcast (weekly).

The RSS feed for Talking Trading is http://talkingtrading.com.au/feed/podcast/

52 Traders

This one is run by Campbell Ziba.

52 Traders

The RSS feed for 52 Traders is http://metatradermentors.libsyn.com/rss

Paid one:

There is only one podcast I have paid money for. For your consideration is Talking Trading Gold

It’s $497 AUD for a 2 year subscription (1 episode per month)

It’s more in depth interviews by Caroline Stephen.

Just another option folk.


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