Charting Software


While there are many free charting software packages you can use online, if you are serious about trading the markets you will need good software and a data subscription.

I have used two different charting packages. My personal preference is Optuma, previously known as Market Analyst.

Optuma has an odd selling model these days unfortunately.

On their website, if you scroll down to the bottom, you can find 4 available options all for a monthly fee. The fee ranges between $199 per month (for end-of-day data) to $399 per month if you want connection to a Bloomberg terminal and real-time data. This is for their Professional Services package.

Optuma have another option called Trader Services Update – trader services available direct again from Optuma who sell Optuma for (currently) $995 including a 12 month end-of-day data subscription.

The good thing is once you have a licence and a data subscription, you manage your account directly from an account portal with Optuma themselves and can add or subtract data packages as you like.

Data packages are typically $550 for Australian equities or US equities. Once you subscribe, you add additional exchanges for as little as $5. You will also find an upgrade option on your account portal where you can upgrade to ‘Lifetime Trader Services’. This lifetime subscription adds other modules and options in the software and includes end-of-day data for all their exchanges worldwide (40 or so).

Optuma have a great Blog updated weekly with interesting articles and weekly how-to webinars. Finally, lots of great videos at their Youtube Channel

It’s good to see Optuma selling direct again. It’s great software.

Originally posted 2017-05-01 18:35:40.