trading for a living

Trading For Beginners

In this section, amongst other things we will consider some of the basics of trading. When I started trading I found there was a lot of jargon and concepts that I just did not understand. I also found it frustrating at times that there was a lot of assumed knowledge and the basics were never really covered. I also found sometimes that information given was not particularly useful and some background and explanation would make all the difference and enable a practical application of the information presented. Trading was something I had always wanted to do and I took a

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trading is not gambling if you are smart

Trading Tools

In this section we will discuss some of the trading tools available to traders today. This will include some information about charting packages, a spreadsheet I designed for position sizing for Forex trading. I will also include a section dealing with Trading Psychology and some suggestions regarding this essential matter. One of the other essentials here is the necessity to have and follow a trading plan. Look for these articles in the Trading Tools category.

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magazines are a great trading resource

Trading Resources

In this section we will look at some of the great resources available either in an online format or can be purchased as a physical product. A lot of the best content I have found is available completely free-of-charge to the end user. I will include some websites with information about currency rates, interest rates. I will also include some great books I have read and book reviews and direct links to Amazon for the Kindle or physical purchase. In Australia, I generally use The Book Depository for purchases of physical items. I will include links and discussion for the

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My Mission for this Site

I have had an interest in trading the financial markets for many years. I had purchased some shares on a ‘hot tip’ years ago and of course it didn’t end up well. However I maintained an interest in the financial markets and learning about them and how they worked.

In April 2013 I was made redundant by a company I had worked for for a long time. A few times over the years I had seen companies downsizing and one company that I worked for decided to sell it’s operations (including me) to a third party I never had any interest in working for.

When I was made redundant my primary goal was to get a job just to keep the income ticking over and food on the table. I knew however and had known for years that I needed to be doing something different to ensure our financial future and become financially free. I attended some seminars and signed up to do some property courses. I was introduced to a trading education company doing covered calls and this was my first real introduction to the fascinating world of trading.

I found covered calls quite frustrating and moved on from there to doing leveraged options strategies (naked calls and puts as well as buying options). As I did various courses and gained knowledge, I found myself asking questions and having to ferret out answers from all over the place. Hence this site where I can hopefully provide some useful information to others walking the same path and asking the same questions.

I will be talking about a lot of things. Volatility, Risk Management, Position Sizing, Interest. I will list and review some books I found interesting and helpful in my journey. I will also give you direct links on Amazon and The Book Depository to purchase if you wish. I also found some great podcasts available free online.

Enjoy reading my site and feel free to contact me or follow me on Facebook or Twitter.